Meet Prometheus, your remote access power station with 4G LTE technology.

In today’s fast pace society and technological age, having power when you need it is a must! When you’re trying to get work done in a timely manner, you do not want to lose power to your laptop, mobile devices, power tools and drone batteries, or even your outlets.

The Prometheus Remote Access Power Station (PRAPS) enables you to keep working without interruptions regardless of the location or even when primary power and network connections aren’t available. PRAPS integrate power, security, communications (on-board 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Hotspot) and data storage using cloud service applications that is engineered for extended power needs.

The system delivers portable, compact, uninterrupted power with no noise or gas emission to be used inside and out. The system offers 216Ah of power with multiple AC outlets and USB ports for charging devices. PRAPS is easy-to-deploy and cost effective to make sure business or personal needs are always met in a self-contained portable power management and information technology (IT) system that is built in a rugged military-style waterproof case with adjustable handle and wheels for easy transport.

You never have to deal with any of these issues EVER AGAIN. You can have all your electronic devices powered by just ONE portable power station, and at the same time keep your internet connectivity going using the powerful 4G LTE Mobile WiFi with data storage and cloud service applications.

Backup power and information technology (IT) solutions from FlexRight Solutions™ ensures your power and communication needs always have an immediate, cost-effective, alternate connection anywhere and everywhere. In the event that your primary power source or network connectivity is lost, the Prometheus Remote Access Power Station [RAPS]™ can help you to:

  • Gain portable, compact, uninterrupted power with no noise or gas emissions.
  • Protect from costly work disruptions.
  • Ditch the noise and gasoline fumes from a generator while appreciating the power you need while on the go.
  • Stay connected to the Internet and data networks when wired connections are unavailable.
  • Continue service to the essential needs even during a primary power outage (homes and businesses, law enforcement operations, prisons, schools and universities, branch offices, retail stores, warehouses, construction sites, banks, mall outlets and more).

Prometheus delivers a WISE POWER choice for most of your needs. 

With this portable power option, you can enjoy an easy-to-deploy, cost effective solution that integrates power, security, communications, data storage and cloud service applications, engineered for extended connectivity needs ALL at the same time…so you can work in the field and on the go stress-free.

Prometheus Power SPEC Sheet PDF

For pricing or ordering information, please contact our power representatives today.


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