The Strategy of Disruptive Change within an Ambidextrous Leadership Environment



A flagship course, this 5 day program examines why managers and leaders behave as if they don’t know or see disruptive change on the horizon and what to do about it. Even with strong product portfolios, first-rate technological know-how, and deep pockets, leaders require a strategy based on a varied set of non-traditional skills and traits. The core of this program teaches: 1) how to utilize leadership and strategy gamification planning tools, while avoiding to manage in a state of chaos; 2) how to develop performance-driven execution with disruptive business methodology to impact the mid-term bottom line; and 3) how to detect-defend-defeat!…identify the right partnerships for effective deployment to do the right things to get the right things done. The program also outlines how professionals in leadership can create the habits of thinking about their organization’s capabilities as carefully as they think about individual people’s capabilities. Students learn what ambidextrous leadership is about and why it is a critically important trait in the 21st century for organizations to utilize within a growth strategy to create the change required to lead across an ecosystemversus responding to change as it happens in the ecosystem.

For immediate questions or concerns, students can contact an enrollment counselor at or direct via telephone at (215) 628-3193.