The Application of Maneuver Warfare Decision-Making: Building and Disseminating Strategy Process Maps and Charts



This 3 day program develops a strong strategic forward initiative with emphasis on both mapping and formulating implementation processes that pursues differentiation, innovation and low cost. Learn to go beyond best practices and theory review and generate real, immediately useful ideas to create uncontested marketspace that maximizes opportunity while minimizing risk.

The program crystallizes the foundation of ‘formulation and strategic execution’ from a leader’ or company’s strategic intent based on today’s complex, competitive environment utilizing the WRAP Decision Framework: Widen Your Options, Reality-Test your assumptions, Attain Distance before Testing, Prepare to be Wrong and the application of Maneuver Warfare. Students leave with an understanding about building and applying decision maps and charts for immediate application to their business strategy. For immediate questions or concerns, students can contact an enrollment counselor at or direct via telephone at (215) 628-3193.