Teambuilding Maneuvers in Plain English: Differentiations of Team Building



This 3 day program shows business leaders and managers how to adopt the principles and strategies that have made the United States Marine Corps so successful and respected. The lessons highlight team leadership strategies designed for the battlefield, but adapted for private industry and small business. Unlike traditional team building programs, this course brings a consummate mix of business savvy and military know-how to bear the challenges faced by today’s team leaders. The centerpiece of the team leadership model today can be improved by a strategy known as maneuver warfare, where the forces of disorder and uncertainty are used to undermine a competitive ability to work as a coordinated, effective whole.

In this course, case studies and examples culled from both military and business history over the last decade illustrate the power of maneuver warfare tactics, and how to use them to win the business battlefield with a cohesive team to win market share across any ecosystem. For immediate questions or concerns, students can contact an enrollment counselor at or direct via telephone at (215) 628-3193.