Innoruptions™ with the Art of the Pivot



This 5 day certificate program focuses on the important and potentially business-altering decisions facing organizational leaders as they determine whether to invest new strategies and models that change the direction of their futures. By examining how a pivot changes an entire ecosystem: a pivot is about “total choice and absolute behavior” and is made up of five interrelated organizational behaviors, students learn to apply frameworks for assessing an organization’s future-focused capabilities and how to rethink products, strategies, and existing markets, while also examining a range of real-world case studies that feature both disruptors and the disrupted. Students learn how to build the frameworks, potent when applied individually and devastating when applied in subsets or as an integrated whole, to think about the reinvention process and future picture. For immediate questions or concerns, students can contact an enrollment counselor at or direct via telephone at (215) 628-3193.