Anatomy of a Supply Chain Environment



Supply chains are becoming more and more complex as the number of products, players, customer demands, geographies, and uncertainties increaseaffecting issues ranging from technology to delivery times to politics. In this 5 day certificate program, students learn to execute effective frameworks and strategies to design and develop application-specific products (innovations focused on forward-thinking strategies that enable you to leverage the impact of the uncertainties and to proactively seize opportunities before the competition is able) while containing costs, improving margins, and reducing time to market.

This program is designed for professionals interested in exploring new ways to analyze, interpret and optimize product designs for strategic business gains. It focuses on improving the work flows in the supply chain by optimizing business processes, organizational structures and enabling technologies. Students also explore how an innovative mindset helps to create and capture more value in the supply chain ecosystem to accelerate product development, expand into emerging markets, leverage partnerships, hone in on the right signals, and create raving fans with customers. Students will also attend two in-person immersion experiences hosted on a live manufacturing floor to fully understand the supply chain and manufacturing process. For immediate questions or concerns, students can contact an enrollment counselor at or direct via telephone at (215) 628-3193.