Law enforcement and emergency management services most often have to respond to incidents with limited or ambiguous information. However, thanks to advanced technology, that’s becoming a thing of the past. With the adoption of the National Incident Management System directives, public safety organizations are now using big data, business intelligence and next-gen technology to give professionals more info in real-time as they respond to incidents. The KUVRR™ D³ Public Safety System helps to cut through the chaos at critical incidents and natural disasters. While increasing first responder’s capabilities, the system delivers real-time situational awareness, a uniquely designed feature known as “Track-while-Scanning” (TWS), automatic Alerting-Classification-Positioning (ACP), facial recognition and biometrics, automated license plate reader (ALPR), and live-stream video capabilities utilizing autonomous small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS), and a uniquely designed mobile application to help agencies identify and eliminate threats as they happen. The KUVRR™ D³ Public Safety System is automated and combines surveillance and security of internal/external infrastructure all in one system whereby threats will be detected (located), defended against (automatically classified), and defeated (tracked day and night under all weather conditions). As a force-multiplier to supplement most security systems, KUVRR™ D³ offers four key operating modes:

  • Mode 1: automatic 360˚ surveillance and sector search of moving threats utilizing drone technology.
  • Mode 2: automatic Alerting-Classification-Positioning (ACP), facial recognition and biometrics, automated license plate reader (ALPR), and live-stream video capabilities.   
  • Mode 3: sensor technology to identify threat(s) within a two centimeter range.
  • Mode 4: automatic “SOS” callouts via a uniquely designed Mobile Application for immediate actionable intelligence.
The KUVRR™ D³ Public Safety System provides ongoing preemptive and STEM training using mixed-reality technology to give stakeholders immediate actionable intelligence about what to do in the event an incident happensassisting in the earliest possible resolution to an unfortunate critical situation. It can also be repurposed for any retail environment allowing the offering to be simplified to enable retailers to have a clear understanding of their existing conditions in real-time using intelligent cameras, NVRs, and a machine learning-based video management system. We are READY for you to use our Intelligence-based Deep Behavioral Learning Solutions: With a coalition of technology partners, our intelligence-based deep behavioral learning solutions can be used to:
  • Keep our schools and higher learning institutions safe. Our solutions deliver key considerations and best practices for multi-layered K-12 and higher learning institution security measures, including a security technology checklist. It will ultimately help you align priorities and next steps to better protect the students and staff in our learning institutions and schools.
  • Detect threats for any public safety mission. Our solutions can be configured to aggregate massive amounts of data and triage the data to detect potential threats. These threats are displayed with deep context so operators can take immediate action keeping everyone in the environment safe and up-to-date with actionable intelligence for them to make the best possible decisions.
  • Make data-driven decisions. Our solutions can provide enhanced information management, executive dashboards, reports, and search queries to enable shared information and operational insights.
  • Eliminate investigative silos. Our solutions can provide deep analytical tools such as enterprise search, correlation, data discovery, and geospatial analysis. The solutions allow investigators to communicate in real time via instant messaging, closed chats, or voice.
  • Enhance intelligence capabilities. This solution enables the efficient processing of intelligence data by automating core functions such as intake, analysis, dissemination, and archiving. Analysts can quickly collaborate with leaders, decision-makers, and public safety professionals to get the control of a situation in a moment’s notice. The solutions also provide web-based and mobile application-based tip/lead and suspicious activity reporting that crosses local and federal boundaries.
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