Organizational Behavior     Designing organizations that understand what performance-driven execution is really about means designing disciplined behaviors to change a culture’s health. One of the most misaligned approaches to bridge culture to the trends in the markets is continuing to try to keep pace with an evolving marketplace to make the pieces (people, systems, processes) fit together to deliver results. This is a result of driving the organization towards yesterday’s problems and challenges. Your competitors and customers are pushing you on a daily basis to find a new way to compete and meet their needs. Countless reorganizations, mergers/acquisitions, growth or downsizing, and changes in leadership have led to an organization that no longer fits the industry pulse or heartbeat of keeping things aligned to perform. The way your organization is designed could deliver on any strategyor none at all! What you need is a design that will not only enable success, nor jeopardize it; what you need are the right behaviors to do the right things to get the right things done. We bring knowledge and expertise on organization design and behavior, and a process for ensuring your leaders understand the trade-offs inherent in aligning your organization with strategy and ambition.  We take a systemic, but unconventional view of the needed wisdoms to view your existing conditions and environment to make sure they are right for where you would like to go in your Future Picture. We push your leaders to find the “sweet spot” between what your marketplace demands and what your organization can deliver. We ensure you’ve got a realistic plan of action to execute your design behaviorally and ensure the organization is ready to run when you need it, too.

  • Will your organization be prepared for what’s around the 5-10-20 year corner in the marketplace to take advantage of it with an organizational model that enables flexibility, agility, and success?
  • Are your leaders prepared to answer how the organization plans to go beyond best practicesand get the same answer from each of them?
  • Is your organization a drag on performance rather than an accelerator?
  • Are you constantly working around the systems/processes/people to get real work done?
  • Do your organizational behaviors resemble every one of your competitors as opposed to leading the necessary strategic advantage?
  • Have recent market changes led to a significant disconnect between your size/scope/responsiveness/mission and what the market demands?
  • Does organization design and culture simply mimic organization charts or fancy motivational pictures as opposed to a comprehensive set of decisions that drives performance?
When Organizational Behavior is done right, leaders think strategically, focus sharply and move quickly to develop and transform individuals, teams, organizations, and entire societies. Organizational Behavior is what we do and we’ve learned to do it right! Combining military-style battle tested leadership skills with today’s business requirements to do the right things to get the right things done, our initiatives helps to achieve extraordinary outcomes and enduring results. You know leadership really matters for solving your biggest challenges. For this reason, your partner in leadership must be relevant today in their approach and thinking more than any other time before. Choose your path with one of our Leaderruptions™ initiative and learn to lead the trends of tomorrow and STOP following the trends of today. Contact us today to learn more about how our Organizational Behavior Practice can help you. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]]]>

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