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Leadership development is a common term used to explain how to build human capital to improve talent and performance. In today’s society, it is a term that is over used, undervalued, and not taken as seriously as it should be to influence the journey from good to great to extraordinary and beyond.  There are several reasons why learning leadership and applying it appropriately is under fire in society today due to its high rate of failure.

First, we’ve lost our way to the true fabric of what leadership is and what it’s supposed to stand for in business, industry and everyday life. Leadership is normally a training event (the problem) on a proposed set of performance inadequacies outlined by people who, in most cases, are not on the front or middle lines on the business battlefieldhence the problem. Leadership must not be trained as a one-size-fits-all; it must be customized and developed to fit the real needs of the unique environment and ecosystem. What is should become is an influenced development process used to build on the future needs of the organization, team and culture.

The second reason we believe failure permeates our society is we’ve become a culture that completely celebrates mediocrity. The bar for accountability, adaptability, and the importance for having vision has been lowered to a point that success is no longer a big deal. Where we should be is at a place whereas ingenuity, a willing to challenge the present status quo, and a daring to stand alone to influence others to go beyond best practices to challenge the best to become better. But, these are nowhere in sight. Most of these things are an upheaval to say the least.

Here at FlexRight Solutions™, we believe that Better-Best is a badge worn in the heart and on the chest where no one sees it, but very few recognize it, and these folks set out to facilitate Better-Best to make it contagious. Not everyone is disciplined for the journey that molds its traits, but everyone with a responsibility to lead should seek to begin their own personal journey to achieve the outcomes. Identifying the many ways to continually improve upon the traits will make leadership what it can become in the future.

Our team focuses on developing the rigors of the journey to ensure innovations happen, influences materializes, and facilitation occurs. Leadership development must be redefined, realigned, and reconstructed to cause Leaderruptions™: the ability to want more; to influence disruptive creativity and innovation without the tension of dispersed leadership to remain relevant in a highly disjointed VUCA worldvolatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.  

Leaderruptions™ is a new approach to leadership development in the 21st century and beyond. It is NOT for the faint at heart and shouldn’t be accepted if more of the same is the expectation. It is NOT another check in the box, nor is it a way to get away from the workplace over a period of time. Leaderruptions™ is a journey that helps professionals learn to monitor the results of a collision between disruption and innovation to challenge incumbent thinking and behavior that cause innovations to happen faster, more effectively and with greater discipline to a vision that challenges the real needs of the customerbefore the customer actually realizes the need for themselves. It delivers increased capacity and on-demand velocity. It challenges the very core of conformity to formulate a predictive and disruptive platform into a systematic way of thinking and behaving across an organization’s entire ecosystem.

Leaderruptions™ is the next-generation of leadership as we know it to become. The journey includes:

  • The Hungry Jarhead™: a military leadership education from the battlefield to influence actionable outcomes to earn respect, confidence, and mutuality. Leaderruptions™ help to understand the meaning of the education-application, how to develop it, and how to deploy it in the real-world, so you know what objectives to set as you work to become a great leader and an even greater follower.
  • Leadership GPS System™: a concept developed to provide behavioral direction that bridges the gaps between strategy and execution to explain what organizations must do if they wish to see their strategic statements of intent and strategic direction realized through the mechanism of process, design, and organizational behavior.
  • Execution Strategy™: maneuver warfare principles used to build a coalition that thinks strategically, focus sharply and moves quickly to win regardless of environmental circumstances.
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