Finally Innovation Center     Led by our esteemed colleague Dr. Fynal Lee, the center focuses on developing real ideas to turn them into effective solution, allowing the center’s clients to feel a sigh of relief. When clients seek to finally feel a sense of accomplishment, not matter the task or circumstance, Dr. Fynal Lee shows up to deliver results and complete satisfaction. His tools are Disruptive Innovation and Execution Strategy™ and he uses them to describe and elaborate on his process. He designs a solution that initially takes root in simple applications at the bottom of a markettypically by being less expensive and more accessibleand then relentlessly moves upmarket, eventually displacing established competitive actors, incumbents, environments, and existing conditions. He is a disciplined student of Professor Clayton Christensen work, the Patriarch of Disruptive Innovation throughout the world. Understanding the term today to be virtually ubiquitous from business, industry, technology, life sciences and government, he fully understands how the term continues to be misused and misunderstood. While working with the center’s clients, he continues to explain how disruptive innovations are NOT breakthrough technologies that make good products better. Rather, they are innovations that make the ideas around real products and services more accessible and affordable, thereby making them available to a larger population. Looking for the right solution? Allow Dr. Lee to FINALLY produce and deliver it to you.

Better-Best Applications

Better-Best Application theory offers a framework for understanding how to go beyond best practices regardless of barriers or circumstances. While behavior normally adheres to outdated traditions and norms, Better Best Application theory causes Innoruptions™a collision between disruption and innovation to challenge incumbent thinking and behavior that cause innovations to happen faster, more effectively and on the mark with the real needs of the customerbefore the customer actually realizes the need for themselves.   Becoming consistently competitive is difficult; consistent outperformance as the strategic thinker who is able to close the gap between thinking and doing, rarer still. Yet, most leaders today still fail at understanding what’s required to fully develop the prowess and rigor to do the right things to get the right things done to lead ahead of their peers and competitive actors. Today, Better-Best Application theory answers the question that still continues to puzzle so many. But for the few who get it, Better-Best Application theory is used as inspired disruptive creativity and innovation without the tension of dispersed leadership in the innovation design process.

Why it Matters

Gaining insight into the facilitative reasons customers seek to develop solutions to their most complex challenges and problems are for some an improbable feat. Among others, the applications required to be the right solutions are misaligned with their true needs. Better-Best Application theory ensures actions are aligned with behavioral outcomes to do the right things to get the right things doneexplaining why customers make the decisions they do to achieve the progress they desire. The center calls this Better-Best; moving beyond best practices to open the eyes of the world to innovation frontiers.   Dr. Fynal Lee established a five-step process to take customers through to win their expected outcomes:
  1. Design Future Picture IdeationDevelop Triggers
  2. Engage Catalytic QuestioningDrive User-specific Actions
  3. Build Supply Chain MetricsInspire Repeated Behaviors (UX)
  4. Execute Rapid PrototypingCreate Contagious Cravings
  5. Deploy Strategy ExecutionEncourage Process Repetition
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