FlexRight Association  

Joining the FlexRight Association™ has lots of benefits for all types of business owners…Are you a member of the FlexRight Association™? If you are, we hope you’re taking advantage of all the fantastic benefits that come with having a membership! If not, what are you waiting for? Association members save money on professional development, get free business support, leadership coaching, and expert subject matter consulting to grow their organizations in today’s disruptive-focused fast-paced marketplace. You’ll be in good company; all members quickly learn to fully understand the challenges facing leadership when recognizing that innovation must evolve and be tested against the unfolding realities of markets, technologies, regulations and competitors. Leaders learn what it takes to pivot before being forced to pivot using continual experimentation, learning and adaptation. There are five critical questions every leader in the association learn to answer that have direct lineage to the true-fabric of leadership and the principles of disruptive innovation as they relate on an individual basis:
  1. What level of Performance-Driven Execution is required to improve existing conditions?
  2. What are the improvements needed across the competitive landscape that will increase quality, but lower cost at every level of the organization’s culture?
  3. What should be the primary differentiators to reach a state of “Better-Best?”
  4. What are the historical behaviors across public domain and the regulatory tenor that needs to change in order to succeed and grow beyond industry best practices?
  5. What are the next steps that will actually matter for you, the team, and the organization?
The FlexRight Association™ prides itself on creating a systematic process of flawless practices and execution done right since 2012. The embodiment of the members are at the forefront of advancing thought-leadership to develop, practice, and flawlessly execute business integration, change management, and technology integration. The cultivation of new ideas cause leaders to recognize the importance of embracing differences in people and to know how to connect the dots among those differences to achieve performance-driven execution that delivers the best outcomes from their teams of innovative thinkers. The FlexRight Association™ extend services, training, and commitment to members who influences disruption by exploring the intersection of leadership, disruptive innovation, technology and business, while learning to drive change across their ecosystem. The instruction offered teaches everyone how to use the benefits of disruptive innovation to set trends instead of following the trends that are set by others: Facebook took 3.5 years to acquire 50 million customers, Whatsapp took 15 months, and Angry Birds took 15 days. Are you getting these kinds of results? There are plenty of other reasons to join the FlexRight Association™, such as networking with other small and large business owners, and discounts on everything from executive education, new product development, supply chain, advanced manufacturing, and much more. What are you waiting for? At just $5,499/year for membership, the cost of joining will pay for itself in savings for your business in no time! Contact us today to learn more about the many benefits of our FlexRight Association™ membership.

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