Disruptive Innovation   When business innovation involves a potentially disruptive technology that initially lags in the predominant performance metric, but with a potentially favorable trajectory of improvement, incumbent markets seem wary, in some cases, of engaging in cooperative commercialization with the business. While the prevailing theory of Disruptive Innovation suggests that this will lead to (exclusively) competitive commercialization and the eventual replacement of incumbents, here at FlexRight Solutions™, it is our belief that leaders must look at different variables involving Execution Strategy™ metrics for market entry before switching to a cooperative commercialization strategy. We help leaders understand the true use and meaning (application) of Disruptive Innovation as a strategy. Disruptive Innovation represents dynamic transformation and change. It is something that is new and in most cases hasn’t been considered before. It introduces new circumstance to existing conditions, technologies, processes, and protocols that repurposes structures and models in market environments. It shows up when least expected to cause laggard reactions. It facilitates long awaited notions that existing performance is inferior without benefit or gain to receiving parties. However what it mostly does is change the landscape after eclipsing the behavioral norms across an entire ecosystem; specifically to those who haven’t recognized that it has taken residence for the long-term.     Our Disruptive Innovation teams provide the strategic pathway to less complex and simpler solutions to existing problems and challenges, each enabled by new technology and often at a lower cost. Think portable calculators versus computers, social media versus the news mediathe speed to react is much different, Amazon versus bookstores, Netflix versus Blockbuster, Airbnd versus traditional hotel chains, digital cameras versus film, or knowledge commoditization versus cooperative intellectual property (IP) protections. Disruptive Innovation looks at the flaws across business and industry when the basis of competition becomes efficiency versus innovation and new solutionswe show how Disruptive Innovation lies at the heart of change when it comes to the fabric of facilitated modernization. Contact us today to learn more about how our Disruptive Innovation Practice can help you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]]]>

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