Think about innovations like the printing press. The steam engine. Railroads. Electricity. The Internet. Economists call these foundational technologies “General Purpose Technologies” or GPTsa rather boring name for the building blocks of the industrial economy.

Our solution, fueled by 5G connectivity and 2kW of portable lightweight power, has the potential to be one of these indispensable technologies, with the potential to create growth and spur innovation on a truly national scale. This public safety solution is powered by high performance GPUs, deep learning algorithms, dual lens facial recognition Artificial Intelligence (AI) camera technology and more.

Taking inspiration from the human brain, our KUVRR® intelligence-based deep learning public safety solution performs astonishingly accurate false alarm filtering and other smart functions.

Please see the public safety datasheet about this solution below and to learn more or to schedule a live demo, please contact Rory Thomas, Director of Sales.

KUVRR™ D³ Portable Public Safety Datasheet

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