Businesses   Strategy needs to be targeted, bold, focused, disciplined, pragmatic, comprehensive, decentralized, decision-minded, and rapid all operating in parallel, to form that thing that may have not been considered. That’s where FlexRight Solutions™ comes in. As part of the ecosystem, every day we are building the winning capabilities that are at the heart of good and sustainable growth. We combine our powerful foresight with this tangible know-how to help our clients develop stronger foundations, higher levels of discipline, and transformative strategic intents to change the conversations from day to day. The FlexRight Way!? is an approach that we take to set the stage for our teams as well as our clients to not just survive, but thrive in the “future” (existing conditions) in the “event horizon” (change journey) and in the “Future Picture” (North Star) to outright win. We achieve this notion through-out our three main businesses. One of the best kept secrets is learning how to maintain and sustain a thriving business organization in the real-world of VUCA: volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. The key is to recognize the right time to make the decisions to start a fundamental change process around the three Ps: People-Process-Performance to achieve better outcomes. FlexRight Solutions™ practices a comprehensive approach to disrupting existing conditions in order to launch a new strategic intent and strike on the Future, the Event Horizon, and the Future Picture. Our businesses point us to a new leadership frontier and operating model. We call this frontier Innoruptions™ (defined as “in·no·rup·tions” noun or verb, which is the ability to cause disruptive execution through process with provocative ideas, strategic concepts, transformative models, technology integration and disruptive innovation to influence new market and value stream networks) and the leaders responsible for getting us there are known as the Big-bang Disruptors. These are the folks that have successfully journeyed across the vast business chasm and touched various disciplines to reach a point of no returnto the old ways of leading. Big-bang Disruptors who have achieved new leadership frontiers understands the process of becoming a leader of tomorrow (the business chasm):

  • Black Swans (Differentiators: Value Driven, Articulation of “What-ifs”)
  • White Horses (Moneyball Economics: Data Driven, Provocative Ideas with Upside Risk on Execution)
  • Grey Rhinos (Performance-Driven Executors: Doing the Right Things to get the Right Things Done!)
  • Unicorns (Big-bang Disruptors: Considered Rare, Shows Imminent Signs of Great Brand Fortune)     
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