FlexRight Solutions offers challenging and rewarding career opportunities for those who are committed to serving the public. Consulting and technology are the heartbeats of our business. Our consultants are the pulse. FlexRight consultants and specialists go deeper to solve our client’s biggest challenges and make a positive, lasting impact on their businesses and the world.

As a member of our consulting practice team, you’ll work alongside some of the top minds who are focused on reshaping businesses, governments and societies. You’ll collaborate on challenging projects with team members from many backgrounds and disciplines, increasing your understanding of complex business problems from diverse perspectives and developing new skills and experiences to help you at every stage of your careerhere at FlexRight Solutions™ and beyond.

Consulting work is varied and rigorous, much of it performed at our client sites. Projects can vary in length, size and location, depending on the client’s challenge or needs. Because our clients operate across the U.S., our team members may travel on a monthly basis. If you are joining us directly from school, expect to work with a wide range of clients and projects right from the startfrom helping to devise the integration strategy to developing sustainable practices in emerging industries.

As your career advances, you’ll begin to specialize in one or more practice areas, guided every step of the way by FlexRight mentors and world-class learning programs designed to meet your individual needs. Experienced professionals with knowledge and skills in a particular discipline or industry may also join our team to stay focused on that area of interest.

We are currently looking for Consultants and Sales professionals. If you’re interested in joining our team, please contact us today to setup a time for us to meet.


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